The Big C

Wish I could think about music as much as I'm thinking about cancer (my mom's) these days :( For those who've been touched by "the big C," you know it's the prism through which everything is viewed. Don't know how to move past this roadblock. She decided two days ago that she is going to have chemo. I can say that I have never worried about anything so much in my life. If she were at a wonderful nursing facility where she is happy and has excellent, loving care the decision would bode better. As it is, I'm just so saddened by the fact that she isn't happy where she is and now she has to endure 4 months of chemo. I think this is going to take all I am capable of giving - in visits, phone calls, moral support, bringing in edible, healthy food, WIGS, wig caps, wig shampoo, eyebrow pencils (they lose all their body hair, not just hair on the head), and a hundred other things I cannot begin to think of - everything I can muster to help her get through this with as little depression as possible. Yep, music seems pretty frivolous these days.

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