For nine years I have worked a part time job in Downtown Nashville. My position has now been cut. My place of business has decided to move me to a sleepy area out West, not far from the sleepy area I have called home for the past year and a half. I won't miss witnessing the daily demolition of the history and funkiness we've come to know and (sorta) love. I won't miss the sheer chaos that has become driving down 4th Ave. I won't miss the dreaded sea of cowboy boots and sweat known as Fan Fair/CMA Fest…

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Hello from the other side 

Wish I could steal that title (and voice) from Adele. I am emerging after the gut punching couple of years that were 2014 and 2015. I have new music in the works and a new band. Stay tuned for news about those exciting projects! 


That's what I should call my record, 'cause that's certainly how it seems. Getting together this evening with our good friend (and even gooder bandmate), Scott Neubert, at his Studio 19. Going to rework some of my older songs in a bluegrass vein to pitch them to some of the bluegrass artists and musicians we know. It's forward progress. Onward ho. 

MY "Begin Again" 

First a Taylor Swift song by the same name, now a movie called “Begin Again.” That’s the problem with having an idea and just sitting on it for a few years. I remember when, just before putting out my first record that I had spent 2-3 years making, someone else released a cover of “Love My Way.” I was SO disappointed.

Some sort of zeitgeist happens and sometimes you find yourself a part of that. Obviously, my song called “Begin Again” will not have the exposure that Taylor Swift does or that of a major…

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Funk aka existential crisis 

Going to try playing out a little bit - writer's nights, what have you - and see if that pulls me out of my funk. 

Feel Like a Number (I'm not a number) 

Trying to work through it, people...the self-doubt, the self-loathing, the Seasonal Affective Disorder I think we all get to some degree this time of year. Tonight I applied for a second part-time job. Feeling like a cog in a wheel these days much more than an "artiste." Screw all that bloated sense of self-importance and all the blah-blah-blah "my life is so wonderful and my independent music career rocks" bullshit that everyone on pedals on social media. Sometimes life sucks (even though we all have SO…

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Luxurious vs Survival 

Geez, I cannot get motivated to work on this record. It seems insurmountable. Maybe that should be the album title: Insurmountable. Mom has been really sick, in and out of the hospital. Life itself is just too much right now. Making a record seems like such a luxury. I'm not in luxurious mode. I'm in survival mode. It feels like I have something really special here, and that makes me fear it all the more. It could be great - if I sing great vocals, if Tom plays great guitar parts, if we make great…

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New Release News 

We are recording 6 more tracks for my third release on August 20th. Very excited!!!

Music Sandwich 

What a week! My part-time job of the past 7 years changed locations and my mom had surgery. She came through fine. I somehow managed to sandwich all that stress with a Pat Benatar show at the beginning of the week and an all-star bluegrass show at The Station Inn on Friday night. Blows my mind that I can get within spitting distance of Jerry Douglas playing dobro.

Too-Much-Information Age 

I am an artist. But I am not much of a self-promoter. And I am not much on social networking these days. I don't know where we're going with this all bragging, politicking, and gut spilling that we've become so accustomed to doing and reading. We all feel this way sometimes, right - the need to unplug? I realize that it is music career suicide to fail to engage. Maybe after a break I will enthusiastically rebound. Maybe once the record gets underway I will be so anxious for people to hear it that I will…

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