For nine years I have worked a part time job in Downtown Nashville. My position has now been cut. My place of business has decided to move me to a sleepy area out West, not far from the sleepy area I have called home for the past year and a half. I won't miss witnessing the daily demolition of the history and funkiness we've come to know and (sorta) love. I won't miss the sheer chaos that has become driving down 4th Ave. I won't miss the dreaded sea of cowboy boots and sweat known as Fan Fair/CMA Fest every June.

But I am truly saddened to no longer call myself a "Downtowner." Sad to leave my building which looks out over the famed Ryman Auditorium and honky tonks of Lower Broad. Sad that I will no longer walk the streets and be greeted with the hellos and smiles of other Downtowners who know and (seem to) like me. I will miss the random summer ice cream give-always! I will miss the awesome Peanut Shop and Dunn Bros' excellent mochas. I will miss some super nice co-workers I've called friends for the past nine years.

Most of all I'm sad to close that chapter in my life where I was young and cute and knew it was cool to be living and making music in East Nashville before a tv show told me it was. My mother was still with me. I had a waistline. And my day job Downtown was the LAST thing on my mind.

Thanks for the memories. I'm working on being somebody else now. We'll say we knew each other when.

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