MY "Begin Again"

First a Taylor Swift song by the same name, now a movie called “Begin Again.” That’s the problem with having an idea and just sitting on it for a few years. I remember when, just before putting out my first record that I had spent 2-3 years making, someone else released a cover of “Love My Way.” I was SO disappointed.

Some sort of zeitgeist happens and sometimes you find yourself a part of that. Obviously, my song called “Begin Again” will not have the exposure that Taylor Swift does or that of a major motion picture. But the few (and greatly appreciated) folks that WILL hear my song will probably wonder if I was influenced (to put it nicely) by these other incarnations of the same title. I was not. I began writing that song probably around 2012.

I wrote the song because of trying to stay on a workout schedule and/or a diet and/or whatever new old thing that you think is going to bring you happiness and make you like yourself more. The wagon. And the wagon is GREAT, until you fall off it. But you get back on. Oh, you DO get back on, only to fall off again. And again. And again. It’s pretty damned depressing. But the human spirit’s answer? Begin again. And again. And again. 


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