Her cheating heart

Just saw my mom. I was only there a little more than 24 hours. When I first got there she looked tired. But by the time I got to the nursing home the following day, she had on makeup, a new outfit (which her roommate's family got her), and jewelry. I immediately did her hair and later, her nails. She looked fabulous as we went for bingo!! I'm so happy to see her doing well. At times I become overwhelmed with love and pride. She has fought so hard and continues to fight. Her pastor jokes with her that he has given up on her three times and all three times she had managed to cheat death. Sometimes I am a child again in that the urge to be with her is so strong I can scarce resist the urge to drive the 200 miles that separate us. And sometimes I miss her as though she is already gone. She has the most amazing spirit. I can't imagine that light being extinguished.

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