Gigs, new songs

Working on demos for the new songs. I think I'm done writing for this record. How does one know for sure? Trying to gig these songs out. I'm playing a couple new ones at my Aug. 26 round and at my Sept. 11 Family Wash full band gig. At this point, I guess I've gigged 5 new ones and am adding a couple more on the 26th. That's pretty good, eh?! Only one of them kinda didn't work with a full band. The rest went surprisingly well. It's a process.

Family stuff holding steady for now. Mom's so-so. Always sick enough for me to worry my head off about. But she has good days and bad. May take her to another doctor. Sigh. Ok. That's a downer :(

On a better diet and a slow, steady work-out plan. Feeling some better myself. Trying to reclaim my health and my life. Lord help us all. Trying to get to a better place.

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