AMA Week Highlights

~Thur., Sept. 9, 9:23am~

Getting ready to do the AMA thang again today. Met some d.j.s yesterday that I had just sent cds to. That was cool. Helping Tom at the D'Addario booth. Caught Elizabeth Cook's fabulous showcase last night. More seminars today and awards show tonight!! "Advil: prop me up another day."

~Thur., Sept. 9, 11:55pm~

Just caught the AMA awards show at the Ryman. Avett Too legit to quit. Ryan Bingham also good. "Secret guest," Rbt Plant closing out w/a 30 minute set featuring his "Band of Joy" which includes Buddy Miller, Patty Griffin, & Darrell Scott. Performances also by Rosanne Cash, Lucinda Wms, Jim Lauderdale, & Emmylou Harris w/Rodney Crowell. That much talent in one evening...staggering. Hard to take it all in. Oh, forgot about Ray...Ray Wiley Hubbard...fantastic.

~Fri., Sept 10, 6:23pm~

Today was kind of a bust for me at AMA. I had to take care of some personal business, had to get some food in the house fit for humans and cats, etc. Only caught one seminar. Got blown off by the one industry guy I tried to talk to. Oh well. Gotta keep swinging the bat...but sometimes you gotta feed the cat!

~Fri., Sept. 10 8:19pm~

Met many cool people this week, both inside and outside the industry. Missed many showcases and panels I wish I hadn't. Headed out for a night of great music! This is one of my favorite weeks of the year!!

~Sat., Sept. 11, 9:34am~

The evening went something like this: standing next to Patty Griffin watching Jim Lauderdale's killer set with Eddie Perez on guitar, getting elbowed in the boob by Robert Plant, having several mini-heart attacks while Shelby Lynne did songs off one of my all-time fave records + 2 Dusty tunes, her squeezing my hand when she came off stage. Worth the 200 degree room temp. Watching Shelby Lynne - like being in church. Amen.

~Sun., Sept. 12, 2:10pm~

 At some point this weekend, stopped acting cool and started acting like a fan. Now, it's dirty underwear/sheets/towels, empty cardboard boxes in and out of the house, clocks that need batteries, moldy fruit, left-over take out in the fridge and feeble attempts to put it all back together.

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