Tonight's show

I am so excited to be playing a gig tonight with my friend, Jennifer McCarter! Jennifer and her twin sisters formed a group called The McCarters and had quite a successful music career in the 80's. They had a top 10 record called "The Gift," played the Grand Ole Opry, toured with huge acts like Kenny Rogers, and were on major tv shows like The Tonight Show. All that for 3 little chickens from Sevierville, Tennessee!

The McCarters used to ride my brothers' church bus, back before they got all famous. They were kind enough to sing at my wedding, at which my brother was in attendance. I told the twins, "You HAVE to go up to him and sing the 'Bus Number Two' song we used to sing on the bus!!" They had surprised me with it in rehearsal. My brother got a big kick out of the fact that they remembered it all those years later.

The twins are currently performing as part of a group called Runaway Home. Jennifer tells me she hasn't sung in Nashville in 25 years. Looking forward to tonight! Talented songwriter, Adam Hill, will also be joining us for "Hills 'N' Hollers" night. Hope these snow flurries don't keep people away. We'll have fun, even if we play for each other.