It's me, it's me, it's Donna B!

I have restarted work on my third solo record. In addition, I have a new band and am working on an EP with them. More news to come!!!

Final tracking session

Well, we're pretty confident that we finished tracking the record yesterday at The Brown Owl studio in Nashville. We did the 6 remaining songs plus new drums for one song we tracked in the first session a few months back…


New release news

We are recording 6 more tracks for my third release on August 20th. Very excited!!!

Some familiar gear on "Nashville"

Tom's gear is famous! The new ABC show, "Nashville" had a couple of scenes where Tom's tech work box was prominently featured. They also used an amp of his in another scene. Now, how to get a Donna Beasley SONG…


New video up

Go to the LINKS page and click on YOUTUBE to check out a new performance video for "Heart Like A Wound." I did this last week. Ole db on the couch playing the 6 string banjo. I don't know that…


Credit where credit's due

Tom is slowly-by-slowly (as my Indian friend used to say) finding his name on a few album credits. He has production and engineering credit on Tim Carroll's "Look Out" released this month and engineering credit on Chelle Rose's "Ghost of…


New video

I added a live performance video to my YouTube channel. Check it out. It's from a church, actually, where we were asked to perform special music. I filmed this for my mom, but thought I'd share. Tom and my mom…


Tonight's show

I am so excited to be playing a gig tonight with my friend, Jennifer McCarter! Jennifer and her twin sisters formed a group called The McCarters and had quite a successful music career in the 80's. They had a top…


Knoxville Gig

BIG FUN last night at the Preservation Pub's 2nd Floor Speakeasy. It's a cool room, in the heart of downtown Knoxville. Three floors of music, the second being a quieter, laid-back, groovy kind of thang - perfect for Donna Beasley…


Americana Carnival video

Someone posted a really nicely shot video from WSM's Americana Carnival program I played back in June. I made it one of my "favorites" and you can view it on my YouTube Channel (under links). I was joined by…


T-Bone's Prime Cuts

Check out this link for T-Bone's Prime Cuts. We chatted on air and he featured my song "Tying Knots in the Air" on his Father's Day tribute show on The Diamond: WICR in Indianapolis. Cool site and cool show!