Feel Like a Number (I'm not a number)

Trying to work through it, people...the self-doubt, the self-loathing, the Seasonal Affective Disorder I think we all get to some degree this time of year. Tonight I applied for a second part-time job. Feeling like a cog in a wheel these days much more than an "artiste." Screw all that bloated sense of self-importance and all the blah-blah-blah "my life is so wonderful and my independent music career rocks" bullshit that everyone on pedals on social media. Sometimes life sucks (even though we all have SO much to be grateful for if we'd stop our belly aching and count our blessings) and I'm just too honest to disguise that fact. BUT!!!...we listened to some more of the record last night and it's got some pretty tasty tracks. So, there's that. 

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